Thursday, August 27, 2015

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#53)

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Would you rather be locked in a room with Voldemort or Bellatrix? 

This is a very difficult question because I would definitely die in both situations.  If I had the invisibility cloak I'd choose Bellatrix because I feel like she could be fooled by it.  Although, she might just shoot up the room.

I may be able to talk to Voldemort but he'd make my skin crawl and I'd defy him and he'd laugh and kill me, especially because I don't have any of the protections that Harry had.


  1. Impossible question, right?! They're both just as deadly and psycho. I feel like I'd die with both of them too but Bellatrix likes to play with her food before she kills it and that's even worse than sudden death imo D:

  2. Yeah this was a really hard question! I went with Voldy in the end because I think at least my death would be quicker!

  3. I think they're both absolutely crazy, which is why I had a hard time answering the question. However I hate Bellatrix so much because of so many reasons, and talking up Voldy about his past seems a bit more fun so, I chose Voldy in the end :)

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