Thursday, February 18, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#76)

hosted by Uncorked Thoughts and Lunar Rainbows Reviews.

Favorite Charm.

I'm a big fan of Expelliarmus, the famous disarming charm.  It can protect you without causing damage to the other person.  It can also be used disarm annoying people, and for a good laugh, without being dangerous.  Obviously, any spell/charm can cause harm in the wrong hands, but this one is a great defense without being also being aggressive.
Plus, Harry uses it a lot and it got him pretty far in life.  (I guess the only downside to that was that Voldemort was able to tell which Potter was actually him.)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fandom Mashup (#18)

Hosted by Micheline at Lunar Rainbows Reviews.

Micheline has come up with a great idea and I can't pass up the opportunity to participate.  Each week Micheline will pose a unique fiction scenario and I will choose 5 characters from 5 different fandoms to help me with the situation.  It's going to be quite fun, I can already tell!

Scenario: Who are your favorite Fandom Couples

Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling) - These guys were my end game couple from the very beginning.  I loved how they interacted in the first couple books and I continue to love them until the end of time.  I like that their relationship grew out of friendship and years of intense situations.  It's a bond that nothing can break. 

Clarke and Bellamy (Platonic OTP) (The 100 by Cass Morgan) - Yes, these guys are characters in the book trilogy but I'm going off their relationship in the TV show. They care so much for each other, they'd do anything to keep each other safe.  I love the evolution of their relationship from loathing each other to begrudging respect.

Essentially everyone in the Lunar Chronicles but Cress and Thorne (Marissa Meyer) - I love the two of them and the progression of their relationship.  I love that Cress is a fangirl and scared to talk to him at first.  I love that Thorne is a criminal with smooth moves.  They are so unlikely, but they bring out the best in each other. 

Kathy and Tommy (Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro) - This is probably the most heartbreaking and most complicated relationship.  I love the two of them and I hate how complicated their lives are but it makes everything so much more intense. If you have not read this book or seen this movie, please go do it now!

Ellie and Carl (Up) - Their story is one of the best love stories I've ever seen and it was only 5 minutes long.  I love how well they work together and that they bring out the best in each other.  Even though we only get a few minutes with them, I can't help but love them!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Notable Quotable: Brian Selznick (#112)

"If you've ever wondered where your dreams come from when you go to sleep at night, just look around. This is where they are made." 
     --The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Friday, February 5, 2016

Notable Quotable: Rick Riordan (#111)

"Myths are simply stories about truths we've forgotten." 
     --The Sword of Summer

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#75)

hosted by Uncorked Thoughts and Lunar Rainbows Reviews.

Rename the books from Dumbledore's point of view.

Dumbledore and the Curious Child
Dumbledore and the Animal Infestation
Dumbledore and the Surprise Students
Dumbeldore and the Great Plan for Fellowship
Dumbledore and the Year of Regrettable Distance
Dumbledore and the Tallest Tower
Dumbeldore and the Blank Wall