Friday, January 6, 2017

The Chronological Sherlock Holmes Challenge

I love Sherlock Holmes. I've devoured just about every media outlet for the detective: movies, tv shows, and novel retellings.  Unfortunately, I haven't actually read all of the original Sherlock Holmes stories. I've read a fair amount of them but not as many as I'd like. This is my attempt to be more intentional about reading all of Doyle's works.

Marian at Noonlight Reads/Classic Lit has created a chronological reading challenge that will span 16 months starting this month (January 2017). She plans to read a short story a week, and a novel every three weeks. While her schedule seems like a great idea, I know that I won't be able to keep that schedule and also read other things this year, it's just not going to happen. So I'm going to take it a little slower. Some months I hope to stick to the original schedule, but it'll probably take me two full years to finish.

Here's the chronological order of the stories, so you can read along if you'd like. I recommend you check out Marian's post about this. She has it all figured out.

"The Gloria Scott"
"The Musgrave Ritual"
A Study in Scarlet
"The Speckled Band"
"The Yellow Face"
"The Red Circle"
"The Beryl Coronet"
"The Resident Patient"
"The Reigate Squires"
"The Second Stain"
"The Naval Treaty"
"The Crooked Man"
"The Five Orange Pips"
"The Noble Bachelor"
The Valley of Fear
"A Scandal in Bohemia"
"A Case of Identity"
"The Greek Interpreter"
The Sign of the Four
"Silver Blaze"
"The Stock-Broker's Clerk"
"The Boscombe Valley Mystery"
"The Man with the Twisted Lip"
"The Engineer's Thumb"
"The Cardboard Box"
The Hound of the Baskervilles
"The Blue Carbuncle"
"The Copper Beeches"
"The Red-Headed League"
"Charles Augustus Milverton"
"The Final Problem"
"The Empty House"
"Wisteria Lodge"
"Three Gables"
"The Mazarin Stone"
"The Norwood Builder"
"The Golden Pince-Nez"
"The Solitary Cyclist"
"The Three Students"
"Black Peter"
"The Bruce-Partington Plans"
"The Veiled Lodger"
"The Missing Three-Quarter"
"The Abbey Grange"
"The Devil's Foot"
"The Dancing Men"
"The Retired Colourman"
"Thor Bridge"
"The Priory School"
"The Sussex Vampire"
"The Six Napoleons"
"The Three Garridebs"
"The Disappearance of Lady Francis Carfax"
"The Illustrious Client"
"The Blanched Soldier"
"Shoscombe Old Place"
"The Creeping Man"
"The Dying Detective"
"The Lion's Mane"
"His Last Bow"

I'll do update posts every couple of month to see how I've progressed, and who know maybe I will finish it right alongside Marian. Happy reading my friends!


  1. I've only read very few original Sherlock stories so I'm loving this idea! Especially with them all listed in chronological order :D I might just join you on this^^ Good luck!! xx

    1. Let me know if decide to begin this literary journey! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the stories. :)