Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Me!

hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

1. I'm a Hufflepuff, though you probably know this if you've been reading my blog for a while.  Plus, I'm in the middle of Harry Potter Month over here and it's chocked-full of Hufflepuff references.

2. I've recently discovered the art of bullet journaling and I've become obsessed, like I've spent more than four hours planning what to put in my journal before even starting it obsessed.  It's going to be great though! If you don't know what bullet journaling is you can go to the official website for more information.  Essentially, it's a place to keep everything, lists, ideas, thoughts, schedules.  It's beautiful.

3. In the past two years, I've become more and more in love with graphic novels and comics.  I'm a HUGE Marvel fan and I wanted to dive into the medium that Marvel originated. That's when I discovered how amazing all of these books are.  I love them and I'm trying to read as many as possible. There are just so many stories out there!

4. Speaking of Marvel, I've become addicted to the app Avengers Academy. I don't play app games often, but I happened to find this one during their Avengers Civil War campaign and I got hooked.  The basic gist is you recruit young adult version of a bunch of different Marvel characters and send them on missions.  It sounds slightly boring when you read it like them, but trust me it's awesome!

5. I'm moving in a week.  This isn't all that interesting, but it's a fact about me and it's happening super soon.  I'll be moving into my roommates new house next week sometime and I couldn't be more excited!

6. I'm a planner.  I like making lists and crossing things off once I've done then.  I like imagining potential and developing ideas. However, I am not awesome at executing all those carefully and thoughtfully planned out ideas. The real important ones get done though.

7. About 75% of my books are currently in storage, which is slightly annoying because sometimes I get an itch to read a book I own and I realize it's been put away.  Though, it does give me an excuse to go to the library.

8. I'm part Irish and I'm going to visit Ireland for the first time ever at the beginning of August!  I cannot wait to discover the country first hand.  My goal is to eat at as many favorite local places as possible and to have conversations with as many people I can.

9. I saw Me Before You last month, and immediately afterward, I tried to find a pair of bumblebee tights. I wasn't successful. :/  But I won't rest until I have a pair! My Hufflepuff striped socks will just have to do until then.

10. I love giving any book a chance.  I will read any genre (for the most part.) and any recommendation even if it's not one of my go to genres.  I often enjoy the books I don't think I will.  It's strange that it works that way isn't it?

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