Saturday, July 9, 2016

My Harry Potter Profile

Faith of GeekyZooGirl and Micheline of Lunar Rainbow Reviews are hosting the Harry Potter Month in July and I'm on board! People can compete in the House Cup by accumulating house points. I'll be earning said house points by posting about Harry Potter among other Harry Potter related activities! This year I will be representing Hufflepuff!

Lee from Rally the Readers made this awesome HP profile to give us a snapshot of her Harry Potter history.  I liked it so much that I've created my own snapshot. I've borrowed the format and can't wait to share it with you.  Thanks Lee!

Here we go:

Name: Alex
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie

Year I Discovered HP: 1998, I got there way early. My elementary librarian assured me that I would love this book. She has no idea how right she was.

Last Time I Read the Books: Last year for Harry Potter Month!  I got through them all, it was great.

Favorite Book: Prisoner of Azkaban
Favorite Film: The David Yates movies (5-8) or Chamber of Secrets

Favorite Character: Neville Longbottom <-- There are many reasons and I'll be dedicating an entire post to him so stay tuned!

Character I Most Identify With: Hermione Granger, growing up she was always the one that I thought I was most like.  We both enjoyed reading and learning; I mean I frequently asked for extra homework when I was in 4th grade. Who does that? She's kind to mostly everyone and determined to make her mark on the world.

Character I Wish I Were More Like: Ginny Weasley, she's got a much more outgoing fierce personality that I would love tap into.  It would be useful.

Spell I'd Use Right This Moment: Expecto Patronum, I want very badly to find out what form my patronus takes. I've got plenty of happy thoughts ready and willing to help me.

Kiss, Cruise, Marry (Marauders Edition): Since it's a given that I'd kill Wormtail, I'm changing it up a bit. I'd kiss James because why not, he's pretty attractive and probably a decent kisser. I'd go on a cruise with Sirius because it would be seriously fun to hang out with him for a week.  And I'd marry Remus because he's got a good head on his shoulders and he's gentle and kind and friends with the most ridiculous men.

Thanks again Lee for this awesome idea.


  1. I whipped up one of these too^^ it's such a great and fun idea! Lucky you for getting to HP so early, I wish I hadn't been so resistant at first. I blame Uni though, I was doing way too much reading for school to read for fun back then....I call those 'the dark days' now. And yes I agree, there is no other option to 'kill' within the Marauders other than Wormtail. I like your twist on it :D Oh and love you answer about Ginny's fire ♥

  2. I love how you changed up the Kiss, Kill, Marry question- brilliant! I was quite late catching on to the HP phenomenon; my friend asked me to go see Sorcerer's Stone with her and then I was hooked and never looked back, lol. Looking forward to your Neville post! :D

  3. Wow you did start the HP love early! It was about 2000 or so for me. I read all the books last year for Harry Potter month as well. Just don't have the time to do it this year. I wrote once about the evolution of Neville. He's a fascinating character. I can't wait to see your post on him!

  4. I can't imagine what it would have been like waiting for a new HP book all those years!
    Neville is one of my favorite characters also. His transformation is amazing.
    I love how you switched up the "kiss, marry, kill" question. Cruising is much better than killing :D