Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Harry Potter Book Editions

Faith of GeekyZooGirl and Micheline of Lunar Rainbow Reviews are hosting the Harry Potter Month in July and I'm on board! People can compete in the House Cup by accumulating house points. I'll be earning said house points by posting about Harry Potter among other Harry Potter related activities! This year I will be representing Hufflepuff!

One of the things I love most about books is that they look different in different countries and often from hardback to paperback. There can be any different number of printings and editions. I'm going to share with you today my favorite Harry Potter editions.  Let's go!

The American Hardback edition:
This set holds a dear place in my heart. These were the books I used when I first read Harry Potter. The cover art is amazing and there's all sorts of secrets built into each design. They're beautiful.

The UK Hardback edition:
I also really enjoy this set. It's kind of iconic. I know so many people that see these covers when they're picturing the books they've read. I love how different they are from US edition. In fact, I plan on purchasing a copy of one these books in this edition when I'm in London!

15 Year Anniversary US Paperback Box Set:
I love that the spines of these books make up Hogwarts. The covers themselves are also incredibly beautiful. I absolutely especially love Sorcerer's Stone in this edition. I like that Hagrid is front and center on that book. 

Special Edition House Trunk Box Set: 
If you ever wished that you could get all the Harry Potter books in a matching set according to which house you're in, you are in for a treat.  This box set is really cool because the box itself is shaped like a trunk for easy traveling. I am quite partial to the Hufflepuff set, but above is the Gryffindor set. They look beautiful!

Audiobook Edition:
I don't know where these came from, but I love the new audiobook covers. They are simplistic without being dull. Each image has a reason for being mentioned on the covers, and they all impact the story greatly, first time readers just don't know yet. They are sharp!


  1. I actually own the Adult UK hardback edition (not show here) and they were the first ones I wanted and I wanted them the most. Now I find that I long for the American Hardbacks for the art, though I can't quite get over the title of book one Sorcerer's Stone, instead of Philosopher's Stone >.<

    The UK hardbacks are ones I want too because they're as iconic to me as the American ones. I wish I could own both...

    AND The 15th Anniversary ones because they're just whimsical and lovely. Aww hell Alex, let's be honest: I WANT THEM ALL :D

  2. I have the American edition and I do love it. I also very much want the 15 year anniversary edition! I would have so much fun checking that out and I love that there is Hogwarts on the spine.

  3. I guess, if I could, I would have all the UK and US sets. But then I would have to be a millionaire and have a separate house just for them :D

    That being said, I have a mismatched UK set, a complete Russian set (that is exactly like the very first US set), and a Ukrainian set (though only the last three books).

    I love the last ones that you picked - they are done in a more adult and minimalistic style but they certainly don't lack detail or magic. If I remember correctly these are the covers for ebooks from Pottermore Shop.

  4. I want all of them! I just have the original US hardcovers. Oh, and the first illustrated version. I need to pre-order The Chamber of Secrets illustrated Edition too. At my library, I have the hardcovers, paperbacks, and the 15 year anniversary paperbacks. I love these because the illustrator did one of my favorite graphic novel series: Amulet.