Thursday, December 31, 2015

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#70)

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Favorite wand from the series of the ones we learned about.

I really like the history of the Elder Wand.  Yes, it's brutal and bloody but there is something so interesting about a wand that left a trail throughout time.  So many wands were mistaken for the actual Elder Wand that it became legendary and myth-like.  It's pretty cool to see something that you've only known in childhood stories become real, even if it cause strife where ever it goes.  It's fascinating how people misinterpreted the allegiance of the wand and it ended up with names like the Deathstick.  It's just so fascinating!

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  1. You're right: this is the wand with the most fascinating story. I often wonder if it would have still become so notorious if people hadn't always ended up bragging about it…like if everyone acted like Dumbledore did when he had it, it obviously still would have been powerful, but maybe it wouldn't have ended up being called a Deathstick…?! Who knows, but just seeing it's origin story and it being part of the Hallows was one of my absolute favourite bits of the story! Great pick Alex and Happy 2016!! x