Sunday, December 13, 2015

Fandom Mashup (#13)

Hosted by Micheline at Lunar Rainbows Reviews.

Micheline has come up with a great idea and I can't pass up the opportunity to participate.  Each week Micheline will pose a unique fiction scenario and I will choose 5 characters from 5 different fandoms to help me with the situation.  It's going to be quite fun, I can already tell!

Scenario:  It's party time!  You're going out for a night of well-deserved fun!  Who are you inviting along?

Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter) - It's not an awesome without the pair of them.  They'll bring their jokes and the laughter with them.  All we need to do is find the perfect party place and laughter and good time will follow.

Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) - He'll bring his special fireworks and between him and the Weasley twins we will have the greatest show there's ever been.  Plus, he's great with a crowd.

Clarke (The 100) - She has kept so many people together for so long, she needs a well deserved break.  Why not make that break a night out with a bunch of awesome people!  We could dance and sing and just have a grand old time. 

Cress (The Lunar Chronicles) - She is a computer genius, but having been cooped up for a very long time by herself makes for a lonely person.  She'd have so much fun interacting with people and enjoying a good party.  She could even bring all of her friends.  I wouldn't mind that at all.  :D

The Doctor (11) - He loves a good party and he has killer dance moves.  They all do really, but 11 stands out with the wildest most entertaining party mode. 


  1. Oh man, The Weasleys would make EXCELLENT party companions ♥ Imagine the fun you'd have with a night out with the pair of them :D And GANDALF?! I would LOVE to party with him, you made me wish I'd added him to my list too! Cress is a good one too, she's one of my favorite characters in The Lunar Chronicles :) And ok: that scene of Eleven dancing? I almost died the first time I saw it, and since then, it's one of my favorite 'Eleven scenes' XD

    1. I would just really like to experience Eleven's dancing in real life because I have a feeling I would explode with laughter and then join him. :)

  2. The Weasley Twins can always hang out with me and Gandalf is one of my favorite people ever! I have a picture of Sir Ian wearing his shirt "I'm Gandalf and Magneto Get Over it" hanging up in my kitchen LOL. It's great that you thought about the fireworks. I LOVE fireworks, and you're right with those guys you'd have the biggest, grandest show yet. I love that you included Cress as well. She's my favorite in the Lunar Chronicles. I just love her character.

  3. Fred and George are so perfect for this! They'd keep everyone laughing and having a great time, and then there'd be a spectacular fireworks show to end the night! :D

  4. I love your team Alex!! Fred and George are just perfect! They have always been the life of a party =D. I like how you kind of combined Gandlof and the twins. They would be the perfect group to party with!
    I was going to put The Doctor in as well, but in the last minute I switched him out. I regret it now because 11 would be the best to party with :D!