Thursday, December 24, 2015

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#69)

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What long lost magical item did you find in the Room of Requirement?

There are so many amazing magical items in the Room of Requirement.  The item I found there happens to be the old magic mirror that Beast uses to watch Belle and then gives to her so that she'd always remember him.  They didn't didn't need it after the curse broke and when they had kids, their middle child found it in an old drawer in a desk in the library.

When their middle child got her Hogwarts letter, she packed it amongst the items she was taking to school.  She used it sometimes for good, but mostly to figure out where Filch, Mrs. Norris, and the professors were so her friends could sneak around without getting caught.  Sometimes she used it to spy on a crush but that ended badly once, so she decided to keep it only for mischief.

It ended up in the Room of Requirement because one of their excursions went wrong.  They ducked into the Room of Requirement quite by accident and it saved them from being found.  They saw all the amazing things in the room and she set the mirror down, enthralled in all the trinkets.  She walked away and the room swallowed the mirror.

She looked long and hard before they left but no one could find it again.  Much to her dismay, she never found that room again.


  1. Oooh well this is a lovely and enchanting scenario! I love how creative you got with this Alex!! GREAT pick, a magical mirror would be awesome to have and also super useful in a place like Hogwarts! Awesome. Merry Christmas to you ♥

  2. Wow this was so nice to read ^^ I love how you turned these few paragraphs into this beautiful story. Nice one Alex :)

  3. What a great little story! Very imaginative and I was picturing it all while reading. I think that mirror would be a lot of fun to have too, but I'd definitely want to use it to check out for trouble that may be coming.