Monday, July 2, 2018

Second Quarter Review

I saw a quarterly stats review on both Geeky Zoo Girl and Curiosity Killed the Bookworm. I really like this idea so I'm going to do my own version!

Second Quarter Books(April-June)
Total Books: 17
Paperback/hardcover: 11 (64.7%)
Audiobooks: 6 (35.3%)
Total pages: 6,039
Yearly Total Books: 39
Own: 5 (29.4%)
Borrowed: 12 (70.6%)
New: 17 (100%)
Rereads: 0 (0%)
Male Authors: 1 (5.9%)
Female Authors: 16 (94.1%)

I had another really good reading quarter; I gave these books an average star rating of 3.7 stars. I DNF'd two books this quarter (which is a lot, seeing as I didn't used to DNF any books!) There were three 5 star books: Nerves and Wires: Gone Rogue by Marissa Meyer, Heart of Iron by Ashley Postonand Runaways, Vol. 1: Find Your Way Home by Rainbow Rowell

Genre breakdown
No surprises here, I'm still reading lots of fantasy, but I've also read a decent amount of contemporary too. Last quarter I decided to pay more attention to books outside of YA, and I did. I tripled my adult book reading this quarter, which is great and comparatively I read a higher percentage of adult books overall this quarter than the last.

YA: 11 (64.7%)
Adult: 6 (35.3%)
Graphic Novels/Trades: 3 (17.6%)
Thriller/Mystery: 1 (5.9%)
Contemporary: 4 (23.5%)
Fantasy/Sci-fi: 7 (41.2%)
Memoir: 1 (5.9%)
Nonfiction: 1 (5.9%)

0-150: 1 (5.9%)
150-250: 2 (11.8%)
250-350: 4 (23.5%)
350-500: 9 (52.9%)
>500: 1 (5.9%)

Reading Goals Update!
Goodreads goal: 21/25 books (ahead) - I'm so close to my goal here, I'm trying to decide if I should adjust it or just leave it be and see how many I can read beyond the original goal. (Goodreads counts all the books toward my goal, but I'm only counting books I physically read, which is why this count is different from my official Goodreads count.)

Finish the Series: 5/8 series (on track) - This quarter has been a good quarter for this challenge. I'm going to focus on the long series I've selected for this challenge, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. I've read three of the seven books. I'd like to finish this series even if that means I don't complete the challenge.

Read it or Leave it: 3/21 books (way behind) - I'm in the same place I was last quarter, woefully behind. I have a feeling I'm going to extend this challenge, or at least some of the books in this challenge into next year.

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