Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Catering To Nobody

by Diane Mott Davidson
published: Bantam, 2002 (Originally 1990)
pages: 301

Goldy's catering company is how she makes ends meet since her divorce.  She just didn't expect to be catering a funeral reception.  When her ex father-in-law is poisoned, Goldy's catering company is put in to question and shut down until the culprit is found.  She takes it upon herself to help the police along because holiday season's coming up and there no way she and her son can live without it.  Things get a little messy when she starts in piece together a story that may reveal a deeper conspiracy.

My favorite thing about this book is that Goldy gives us some of the recipes she uses during her catering in the novel.  The readers get the opportunity to experience the food in the novel and have another sensory option.  They looked really good, in fact, I'm going to try some of them soon.

I was fifty-fifty on the characters.  Some I really liked and some I wanted to smack around.  Goldy's son was almost unbearable.  I get that he's grieving and finding ways to channel his emotions, but it doesn't seem like he respects Goldy at all.  It's infuriating.  I know that I wouldn't let a kid speak to me the way he does, and I know that if I ever spoke to my parents that way, I would have been dead.  It's obvious that they love each other but that family dynamic is just irritating.

Tom Schultz is probably my favorite character in the entire book.  He's the police officer on the case; his concern and interest in Goldy is sweet.  However, it doesn't take away from his job, which is to figure out who caused the poisoning.  He's got a great sense of humor and knows how to play a crowd.

The pacing of this book was a little bit off.  It took me quite a bit to get through this book.  My interest in the story wavered, there were times when I was completely engrossed in the characters and the plot and there were other times when I was figuratively banging my head against the wall.  It became a task to finish this book.  The ending was very good; none of my guess work panned out but I was pleasantly surprised by the big reveal.

Stars: 3/5


"Hearty fare for those who like their murder with a bit of nosh on the side."
     --Publishers Weekly

"A medley of murder, mayhem, and melted chocolate."
     --New York Post

"Diane Mott Davidson's culinary mysteries can be hazardous to your waistline.

An Eclectic Reader 2015 Challenge book! 

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