Thursday, September 25, 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#10)

Harry Potter Moment of the Week hosted by Uncorked Thoughts.

The Most Cringe Inducing Scene:

There are a couple reasons I've cringed during this series, whether it's because the scene is horrific or the scene is almost unbearably awkward, I'm cringing all the same.  I'm going to share with you one that makes me cringe every time I read or watch it.

The cringe of horror:

When Harry receives detention from Umbridge, everyone assumes it's going to be something ridiculous, but no one assumes that it will be cruel.  The first time Harry shows up and we learn that the ink for the lines he's writing come from his own blood, makes my skin crawl.  I mean almost everything about Umbridge makes my skin crawl but this just somehow seems to be one of the worst.  This is the first substantial evidence we have that Umbridge has her own agenda and while it may not be the same as Voldemort's, it is still a very real kind of evil.

Harry placed the point of the quill on the paper and wrote: I must not tell lies.
He let out a gasp of pain.  The words had appeared on the parchment in what appeared to be shining red ink.  At the same time, the words had appeared on the back of Harry's right hand, cut into his skin as though traced there by a scalpel -- yet even as he stared at the shining cut, the skin healed over again, leaving the place where it had been slightly redder than before but quite smooth.
Harry looked around at Umbridge.  She was watching him, her wide, toadlike mouth stretched in a smile. 


  1. Eeeep! That moment is SO cringeworthy! It's right then that we figure out just how vile and evil Umbridge is. I remember the first time I read that scene, when you realize it's his own blood as you said...I was shocked and disgusted. Ugh! Nice pick ^^

  2. Yeah, oh man, I wasn't really thinking of this before, but imagining putting myself in Harry's shoes and having to go through this detention... I wouldn't make it. I would totally just haul off and slug her. Evil little toad that she is.
    My HP MOTW.

  3. Oh goodness, this was horrible. Basically anything with that woman is absolutely terrible. Except when everyone is messing with her, that I enjoyed! :D
    Good pick!