Thursday, March 31, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#78)

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Favorite Seamus moment.

Aside from all the pyrotechnics he does, intentional or otherwise, I think my favorite Seamus moment is his admission to being really very wrong. In Order of the Phoenix, Seamus believed the smear campaign about Harry that the Ministry of Magic spread via the Daily Prophet.  He's a prick about it, which makes sense because it's likely that he's mostly just scared that what Harry said is true. It's one of those beautiful suck up your pride and admit you can be wrong moments.

After the Quibbler article was released, Seamus swallows his pride and makes a point of telling Harry that he believes him.  Then he starts showing up at DA meetings.  I love this kind of reconciliation.

"And unbelievably, no sooner had [Harry] arrived outside Transfiguration than something just as good happened: Seamus stepped out of the queue to face him.
 'I just wanted to say,' he mumbled, squinting at Harry's left knee, 'I believe you. And I've sent a copy of that magazine to me mum.'

Plus, I also love that Dean and Seamus are always together. Part of me would love to see something written from their point of view.  I mean, they're best friends who probably get into at least some mischief unrelated to Harry.  That would be very entertaining to read.


  1. We were totally in sync this week^^ I also really love that Seamus was willing to admit he was wrong and apologize to Harry! Plus I adore his friendship with Dean too :D I'd love to read about their adventures!!

    1. You know their lives weren't boring, Harry involvement aside. Those two are as thick as thieves. I have an inkling that they did dumb stuff that could rival the Weasley twins or the Marauders!