Thursday, March 17, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#77)

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Who would your best friend be at Hogwarts?

I would love to say that Fred and George would have been my best friends because wouldn't that be incredible!  However, in reality, I'd probably become great friends with Neville or Ginny.  In social situations, especially when I don't know anyone, I can be rather quite.  I tend to gravitate towards people who like the same things I do and that are excited about the things they like.  I also enjoy being around people who are slightly more daring. Neville would be someone that I would enjoy talking to, and Ginny would be someone that would bring out more of my personality.
I would lucky to call either one of them my best friend.


  1. Fred and George would be freaking awesome to hang out with. Imagine the trouble AND FUN you'd get up to!! Like you, I tend to be more quiet in person and it was for that reason that I almost went with Ginny. She's really kind but her daring personality would be a good influence! Neville is another one that would be an seriously wonderful friend to have ♥ Honestly, I want be friends with so many characters in the series, it's kind of ridiculous XD

  2. I KNOW I'd be friends with the Weasley twins, but couldn't honestly say we'd be best friends either. I love that you chose Neville or Ginny. Neville never really got a BFF in the series and I feel like he deserved one. He was a good friend of the trio obviously but not the best friend to any of them. Ginny is such a fantastic character! Her and Luna had each other though which I'm glad for. Great picks :D