Thursday, April 30, 2015

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#38)

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Character you wish you could erase:

Right off the top of my head I would erase Lucius Malfoy because man is he one of the most annoying characters in this series.  I mean, he really provides nothing but mayhem wherever he goes including to his own family.  He screws up and Voldemort puts Draco's life in peril as punishment.  He puts the Tom's diary into Ginny's books, he's the reason for quite a bit of Draco's idiocy and all of his 'My father will hear about this!' cries.

I mean Narcissa is not innocent of Draco's awful and arrogant upbringing but in the end she chose her son over Voldemort so at least she's got a redeeming factor there.  Lucius is a product of irritation and intolerance.  He's not even a good villain.  He whimpers and gets caught and he's constantly talking about how great his family is; it's like he's the Lockhart of the Harry Potter Villains.


  1. Interesting choice^^ but EVERYTHING you said about Lucius is absolutely true. He's really a pain, always trying to look like he's the lead villain but as soon as Voldemort comes back, he ends up screwing everything up and basically spends the rest of the story sniveling like a wimp.

    1. I mean really, he's just a big wimp. Like there's nothing all that redeeming about him.