Thursday, April 23, 2015

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#37)

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Character you wished you invented:

I think it's probably a tie between Peeves and Luna.  Here's why.

Peeves is crazy and hilarious and just the right amount of crude to be annoying and yet endearing.  He knows where his loyalties lie and even though he doesn't often show it he will protect Hogwarts and the students in it when it comes down to it.  His respect is hard to earn, but when people do it's an amazing thing.  I love that he messes not only with the students but with the professors as well.  I think it's hysterical that he's just a crazy character.

Luna is the person I wish I could be.  She is incredibly secure in who she is and how quirky she is.  Yes, she doesn't have many friends but the ones she does have are the truest of friends.  She's so odd and hilarious and yet she speaks wisdom and truth from her strangeness.  Harry and company find a friend in her because they are able to see that she is more than her quirks.  She is brave and stubborn and determined and thoughtful and kind and beautiful and loyal and joyful and optimistic.  Luna is the kind of person, everyone should hope to be like.

These characters are so complexed, it's amazing.  I hope that some of my characters turn out to be as great.


  1. Nice picks^^ Both of those characters are truly unique in their own way. Peeves is perfectly crude and his timing is impeccable. He always says/does the right thing at the right time! And he's such a loose canon XD

    And Luna is perfectly quirky and offbeat with a heart of gold. I wish I had know her growing up ♥

  2. They are something else aren't they. :)