Thursday, March 12, 2015

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#32)

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What would your patronus be?

I've thought quite a bit about this and I've taken numerous quizzes telling me what my patronus should be and I've come to a conclusion:  I really have no idea.

I think that my patronus could be a wolf because they are comfortable in packs and by themselves.  They are loyal and brave.  All of these things describe me in some fashion.

I also think my patronus could be a giraffe to reflect my favorite animal.  They are sharp creatures who have their wits about them.  They know what's going on most of the time.  They are majestic with beautiful strides that carry them across the grasslands without trouble.

Those two are probably my favorite options to the patronus dilemma.  I've been told my patronus could be an otter or a dophlin, even a hummingbird.  Those are all really good ideas, it's just hard to know without ever producing the Patronus Charm myself, you know. ;)

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