Thursday, December 4, 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#19)

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Favorite Magical Pet

Hagrid had some fun and interesting beasts/pets.  I'm sure if I could have tamed a dragon and kept it puppy-sized forever, I would have it as a pet.  I would have so much fun with my tiny dragon although, it could accidentally (or on purpose) set the house on fire, so that's something to thing about. 

However, I absolutely LOVE owls and for years and years I couldn't figure out where my love had started.  Once day my mom pointed out that it probably stemmed from the Harry Potter series because Harry had Hedwig.  I laughed because it had never occurred to me that it could have come from reading Harry Potter.  I'd say that owls are my favorite magical pet, you can't get more classic than Hedwig, now can you?


  1. Hedwig is such a beautiful owl. Harry really needed companionship too when he was with the Dursleys so it's fantastic that Hedwig was able to be there with him for him to still feel close to the magical world that way. Great choice :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  2. Owls are fine and dandy but I hate birds in general so... :P Ok owls are a special class but still. Boo!
    My mom loves owls for some reason, and she's not a HP fan so it's mighty weird hahaha :D