Wednesday, December 3, 2014

7 Reasons Why I Love Artemis Fowl

1. Artemis Fowl is an 11 year old criminal mastermind.  He's incredibly intelligent and altogether too mature for his age.  It's hilarious to read about but totally believable in his own right.  The social awkwardness because of his evil genius nature is probably why I love him so much early on in the series.  He has no ability to interact with someone his own age and I love it!

2. The underground world of fairies, Haven City, is brilliant.  Just think an entire metropolis of fairy creatures living underneath the human population without their knowledge.  It's crazy and the shuttles to and from the city to the surface of the Earth as really an awesome way to travel.  Taking a ride on a magma flare from the core of the Earth is a brilliant mode of transportation.

3. Butler is a macho man with killer instincts and reflexes.  He knows what's what and he can kill you in several different ways without trying.  He's got so much bad-assery but when it comes to family he will do whatever it takes to protect them.  Butler is fiercely loyal to Artemis and in return he has Artemis' respect, which is very hard to get.

4. Holly Short is quite possibly my favorite character in this series.  She is a spitfire who doesn't let Artemis boss her around but knows when to take orders and when to give them.  She's a rule breaker and that gets her into trouble, but it also saves the day more than once.

5. The character transformations over this series are incredible.  You start off reading one set of characters and by the end you are still reading about them, but they are completely different in the ways they think and interact.  It's amazing to see character development to this degree.

 6. Mulch Diggums. There's no more to say other than he is brilliant.

7. The plot is fast paced and engaging.  I never felt like not reading these books.  I continued to think about what Artemis and the others were doing when I wasn't reading these books.  I loved the action pack battle scenes and the sarcastic character development moments and the problem solving that seemed to happen on every page.  I always wanted more, to know what was going on in Holly and Artemis' worlds.

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