Thursday, November 27, 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#18)

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How do you feel about the HP film cast? Are there any that don't fit the image I had?

I always had a clear picture of the characters when I was reading them.  Most of the kids were almost identical to how I imagined them, if not spot on.  There were some obvious physical differences, but the characterization and acting were spot on.  The only kid I thought didn't seem to fit was Ginny.  Bonnie Wright didn't get much screen time, but in the later movies she didn't seem to be the Ginny I know and love from the books.

The only other character that I thought was poorly cast was Sirius Black.  Gary Oldman is an excellent actor and he did well as Sirius, but he just wasn't the right age.  Yes, years in Azkaban can age a man, but he was only 34 when he escaped.  He was still very young.  Actually, most of the Marauder's era people seemed to be a little older than they were supposed to be.

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