Thursday, November 13, 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#16)

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Which Weasley character would you be?

Okay so here's the deal, I know which Weasley character I would want to be.  There are two choices, Ginny and Fred (minus the whole being dead bit.)  These two are strong independent characters that make me excited whenever they come into a scene.

Ginny might have been a bit awkward and embarrassed around Harry when she was younger, but she had her own group of friends and really came into her own as she grew older.  Plus a lot of the embarrassing stuff took guts that I didn't have as an 11 and 12 year old.

Fred's humor was always well timed and he was constantly up to something.  Plus, his (along with George's) ingenuity brought forth a lifetime of fun and tricks for others as well.  I'm not that funny and let's face it my self-motivation could use a bit of a kick.

So while I'd love to be either one of these characters, I think I'm going to have to say I'm a lot like Arthur.  I'm fascinated with new concepts, especially when I don't understand them.  I love to learn how things work, why things work.  Arthur's that way with muggle society and that's something I've always loved about him.  He's not afraid to defend his friends and family and in fact he's willing to risk a lot to keep them safe.  


  1. Brilliant answer ^^ I love how you mentioned Ginny (my pick!), Fred (♥) *sniff* AND the always awesome Mr Weasley :D I just have SO much love for this family as a whole!

    Gotta love the gif you went with too - such a GREAT line/moment xD

  2. Awesome pick! I love that Arthur is so open and doesn't even care about someone's roots or whatever, he just wants to learn something new. It's really fascinating in itself ^^

  3. I love your deduction for your choice for the week! Much though I would really enjoy being awesome sporty like Ginny, or funny like Fred, I went with my gut too for my pick. I loved how supportive of his family Mr. Weasley was, and though he occasionally seems a little wacky, he's actually a really strong husband and father. He shouldered so much over the series and never complained or lost his sense of humor/curiosity. Great pick, and funny too, because I chose Molly for this week's HP MOTW!