Friday, July 4, 2014


by Holly Lauren
published: Libertine Press, 2013
pages: 362

Chapel is a normal high school cheerleader, with normal high school friends.  Only no one knows that she used to get hallucinations and now that they're back she has to try even harder to keep them a secret.  When a mysterious boy, Zay, takes an interest in her, Chapel has to decide whether or not she enjoys his company and the adventure that comes with him.

The thing about this book is that it is quite mysterious.  It seems like it's just another teen romance, but then unexplained conversations and curious people start popping up and make me wonder.  It is very compelling.  It has the right combination of mystery and action.

Chapel is a captivating character.  In a genre where the female lead tends toward self-pity and wallowing, I love the fact that Chapel doesn't do either one.  She acknowledges the problems, especially her hallucinations, but she doesn't ever spend an exorbitant amount of time feeling sorry for herself.  She goes looking for answers, which is partly what makes Chapel a strong character.

Holly Lauren has crafted a story that has enchanted me thoroughly. I enjoyed reading this book and I think it would definitely fall into the fun summer read category.  I hope we get a sequel to this book because would love to read more about Chapel and her world.

Edit: I literally just found out that this has a sequel coming out in a couple months, so now I'm really excited to continue reading Chapel's story!

Stars: 4/5


"I don't think I've ever read a book with such great, BELIEVABLE dialogue! ...I really did love Tempus, and I'm sure I'll wear out my tablet reading [it] over and over"
     --Echo Reed, InkBerry Book

"Tempus was an interesting, unique, unpredictable book.  The mix of paranormal and mystery, friendship and romance, and complex, likable characters gave Tempus the elements I most enjoy in a young adult book."
     --Kimberly Faye, Kimberly Faye Reads

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