Friday, October 18, 2013


by Marie Lu
published: Putnam Juvenile, 2013
pages: 371

June joins Day on the most wanted list in the Republic.  They are on the run and desperately looking for help.  When the Patriots - a vigilante group - come to their aid, they agree to help with some revolutionary plans.  But can Day and June trust the Patriots or have they become just another part of the Republic's plan.

After finishing Legend, I was looking forward to finding out what happened next to June and Day.  I found myself incredibly annoyed with everyone in this book at different times, because there seemed to be no trust.  There was too much time spent trying to keep Day and June a part.  I know this added much needed tension to their relationship, but at times I just wanted to yell at everyone.  Let them be a couple.  Day and June were often their own worst enemies, so I can't blame it on other people really, just their own stupidity.

There was a little bit of a lull in the middle of the book where the pacing was not up to par with the rest of the story.  I felt like there was a lot of time spent preparing, which is sometimes necessary, but maybe not as much of it.  Now, it could be that because I was reading it is small chunks it felt slow.  It doesn't matter, really.

What it lacked in pace, it made up for in character development and action.  There was plenty of action in this story, but along with that we got to see much more of Day, June and even Tess, as well as some of the other characters we met in Legend.  We learn more about the Patriots and what they are really after.

I cannot wait for the final book in this trilogy, it's time to find out how this all ends.

Stars: 4/5 


"Marie Lu has beaten the curse with has all the chivalry of Robin Hood and all the shine and grime of Blade Runner.. The well-drawn world, political undercurrents and the believability of the characters make it all feel fresh... Lu proves that a Book 2 needn't play second fiddle, providing intrigue and deep pleasure all its own."
     --The Los Angeles Times

"Lu opts for a high simmer of intrigue in her sequel to Legend... taut and insightful."
     --Publishers Weekly

"Stunning follow-up to Legend... The thrilling action and futuristic settings are sure to please fans of Divergent."
     --Self Awareness, Starred Review

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