Friday, October 4, 2013

Lola and the Boy Next Door

by Stephanie Perkins
published: Dutton, 2011
pages: 338

Lola Nolan, age 17, believes that life is more fun when you're wearing a brightly colored wig.  Her love for life extends beyond that to her family and friends and her rocker boyfriend.  She expresses herself without a care for what others think of her, that is she does until the Bell twins move back into the neighborhood and her life.  Old lifelong feelings resurface and Lola must figure out what they mean and make an attempt to reconcile them before it's too late.

I'm going to say it.  I loved this book more that Anna and the French Kiss.  I don't how it's possible, but it happened and I have no regrets. Stephanie Perkins, I give you a standing ovation because you have out done yourself.

This book was just lovely.  There are no other words to describe it. The main characters, Cricket and Lola, are so unique but completely realistic in their quirks.  I love that Lola dresses up all the time, different wigs and outfits.  She's the embodiment of the idea of everything's more fun when you're wearing a costume.  Cricket's habit of writing on his hand with black permanent marker is very interesting because it's mentioned quite frequently but not explained.  It adds to his peculiar nature.

One of my favorite things is when people make appearances from other novels.  This book is a companion novel to Anna and the French Kiss, but not a sequel, so I had no expectations that characters would drift between the two, but I was wrong.  Anna and St. Clair show up here and there as supporting characters to Lola and Cricket.  They reference things that happened in Paris and mention their future.  It's a brilliant way to provide a bit of closure within a greater story.  It's always fun to see what characters are up to after their story ends.

Despite the terrible cover (I like the new covers much better.), I read this book in two sittings, with the second one being the last 280 some pages.  I couldn't put it down!  I was absolutely absorbed into this story and cannot wait to get my hands on Isla and the Happily Ever After.  I can't help wonder if Lola and Cricket will show up in that book.  Either way, I want to read it now!

Stars: 5/5


"You're going to fall in love with Lola and the Boy Next Door.  Madly in love! Every page sparkles."
     -- Sarah Mlynoski, author of Bras & Broomsticks and Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn't Have)

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