Saturday, May 5, 2018

Quarterly Book Stats Review

I saw a quarterly stats review on both Geeky Zoo Girl and Curiosity Killed the Bookworm. I really like this idea so I'm going to do my own version!

First Quarter Books(January-March)
Total Books: 21
Paperback/hardcover: 12 (57.1%)
Audiobooks: 9 (42.9%)
Total pages: 7,283
Own: 15 (71.4%)
Borrowed: 6 (28.6%)
New: 18 (85.7%)
Rereads: 3 (14.3%)
Male Authors: 2 (9.5%)
Female Authors: 19 (90.5%)

I gave these books an average star rating of 3.9 stars, which I'd say is a pretty good quarter for reading. There were four 5 star books: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling (which I will always and forever rate 5 stars), Hawkeye: Kate Bishop Vol. 1: Anchor Points by Kelly Thompson, Warcross by Marie Lu, and The Case For Jamie by Brittany Cavallaro.
Genre breakdown
I've been on a huge fantasy kick lately, so I wasn't surprised that it was my largest percentage. I also wasn't surprised that most of the books I read this quarter were YA books. I am trying to broaden my horizons, so I'll pay more attention to that in the next quarter.

YA: 18 (85.7%)
Adult: 3 (14.3%)
Graphic Novels/Trades: 3 (14.3%)
Thriller/Mystery: 4 (19%)
Historical: 1 (4.8%)
Contemporary: 4 (19%)
Fantasy/Sci-fi: 7 (33.3%)
Dystopian: 1 (4.8%)
Classics: 1 (4.8%)

0-150: 3 (14.3%)
150-250: 0
250-350: 7 (33.3%)
350-500: 9 (42.9%)
>500: 2 (9.5%)

Reading Goals Update!
Goodreads goal: 12/25 books (ahead) - Goodreads counts all the books toward my goal, but I'm only counting books I physically read, which is why this count is different from my official Goodreads count.

Finish the Series: 3/8 series (on track) - I have so many series that I've started and I need to start finishing them. Luckily many of them are trilogies, so I hopefully will be able to keep up the pace in the next quarter.

Read it or Leave it: 1/21 books (way behind) - I knew I'd be behind, especially because there are so many books on this list that I'm lukewarm about right now. (but isn't that the point of this challenge anyway?)

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