Thursday, March 16, 2017

Harry Potter Moment of the Week #98

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Which cast member do you think was a perfect fit for their character?

First thought: Alan Rickman. Second thought: Maggie Smith. Third thought: Richard Harris

I couldn't come up with just one actor, so many of them were absolutely perfect fits for their characters. When I think about the characters, there's no one else I'd want to play them.

Alan Rickman was the perfect Severus Snape. I know he's technically supposed to be younger, but I don't care. I think he portrayed Snape beautifully, flaws and all.

Maggie Smith knocks Professor McGonnagall out of the park. She's equal parts sternness, sass, and affection. Maggie Smith embodies it all. I had a picture in my head when I read the books and it was very close to Maggie Smith's McGonnagall!

Richard Harris was the Dumbledore we didn't deserve, but the Dumbledore we needed. He was the calm and collected and a bit odd, just like his book counterpart. Michael Gambon was alright and he got better over the course of the films, but the infamous scene (you know the one) always makes me sad that Richard Harris passed away before completing his role in these films.

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  1. I feel the exact same way about all the actors you listed here^^ and in fact, I mentioned all of them (plus one more) in my post ♥ I have nothing to add because you said it perfectly!