Thursday, September 22, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#89)

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Favorite Classroom Memory?

My gut instinct is to choose the time Lockhart let a bunch of doxies loose on a bunch of second years and then asked Harry, Ron, and Hermione to clean up the mess. All this leading to Neville being hung from a light fixture.  While this is funny, it's not my favorite.

I think my favorite classroom memory actually takes place in the staff lounge, rather than the classroom. Professor Lupin brings the practical to Defense Against the Dark Arts. He teaches everyone what to do and then immediately lets them practice on a real boggart. I love this because I'm a hands on learner. You can tell me all day long what to do and how to do it, but until I practice it, I won't be any good at it. Lupin understood the important to practicing magic. This is the moment that made Lupin a favorite for so many of the students.  (Also, it was a very visible beginning to Neville's growth in self confidence.)

I do enjoy the time in potions when Harry uses the Half-blood Prince's book for the first time. It's pretty humorous to see Hermione become incredibly frustrated and annoyed at him.

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  1. Awwww the Cornish Pixies^^ Lockhart was such a mess wasn't he? I adore the boggart lesson from Lupin. And I agree with you: practical Magic lessons are the way to go, ESPECIALLY in DADA. You can't learn that stuff by reading it out of a book (UMBRIDGE!!) Lupin was such a brilliant teacher ♥ Oh and that time in Potions is classic. I love how in the movies they made Hermione's hair get bigger and bigger just as it had done in the books XD