Thursday, September 8, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week #88

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Who would you want as Common Room Dorm-Mates at Hogwarts?

OH! This is a great question. I think there are five beds in a dorm room and based on that I'd have four roommates. I'm not going to take housing into account, so here we go.

Hermione Granger - She'd be the most studious one and therefore the go to person for any serious homework questions, though I would definitely do all my own work. She clearly is up for adventures within certain realms of common sense, so the group of us getting into all sorts of trouble. She's passionate about things, so we'd definitely hear rants about house elves and civil rights, which is great because those conversations need to happen.

Luna Lovegood - She would be the roommate to point out all the strangeness about our room and our dorm dynamics. She's pretty much up for anything most of the time and brings an added quirkiness to the group.

Ginny Wealsey - She'd be shy at first, but only in a slightly cautious way. The fun and games would commence when she got comfortable. There could be lots of late night chats, serious and playful, depending on the mood. She would spur others into all sorts of after hours mischief.

Nymphadora Tonks - I feel like she would be an excellent roommate. There would be loads of entertainment and laughter provided, but also a smattering of good humor pranks. And she'd have the discretion to know when times needed to be serious in the room as well.

Between the adventures, trouble making, late night talks, activism, and school work, I have a feeling the five of us would never get any sleep.  And that's exactly why these women would be the best roommates.


  1. YES to the first three (naturally) but I'm really liking that you added Tonks into the mix!! She'd balance things out nicely and I think she'd be a lot of fun too - not to mention courageous! I agree: I don't think any of you would be getting much sleep, but you sure you have a memorable stint at Hogwarts!!

  2. I agree LOL :D And there wouldn't be much sleeping involved. They all have such amazing strengths and personalities and it would be so much fun spending quality time with each of them.