Thursday, June 30, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#80)

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If you could change one thing from the third film, what would it be?

The third book was my favorite book for a long time (and now it's tied with Half-blood Prince now).  So the movie was disappointing in a variety of ways when I was younger. Now, I'm able to recognize the movie as a different entity than the book and enjoy watching it. Still, there are some things that I would change.

I think if I could change anything, I would have Richard Harris play Dumbledore. It was shocking and incredibly sad to learn that he had passed after Chamber of Secrets. His portrayal of Dumbledore was a great, as close to the book as one could possibly make it, really. When I think of movie Dumbledore, Richard Harris comes to mind.

He was rich and full of life, and in every way Dumbledore to me. I loved him, and I was so sad and slightly irritated with Michael Gambon rendition. (I'm not even gonna talk about the way he calmly asks Harry a certain question.  I'll save that for later...)

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  1. LOL! Calmly asks Harry a certain question. YES. And the entire Harry Potter fandom CRINGED for EVER. You know I completely agree with you here, so I'm not even going to start to rant XD Great answer^^