Thursday, February 18, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#76)

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Favorite Charm.

I'm a big fan of Expelliarmus, the famous disarming charm.  It can protect you without causing damage to the other person.  It can also be used disarm annoying people, and for a good laugh, without being dangerous.  Obviously, any spell/charm can cause harm in the wrong hands, but this one is a great defense without being also being aggressive.
Plus, Harry uses it a lot and it got him pretty far in life.  (I guess the only downside to that was that Voldemort was able to tell which Potter was actually him.)

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  1. Ah! Expelliarmus! One of my favorites too! Harry definitely has SO MUCH success with it - but personally, I just really like that it can protect someone without causing harm to someone else, like you said :)