Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Goals and Resolutions Revisited

Happy New Year everyone! Let's take a look at my goals for 2015 and see how many of them I was able to accomplish this year! 

1. Last year, I was minimalist in my challenge selections, this year I have chosen six challenges.  I'm shooting for the moon with this one but I want to finish all challenges that I committed to this year.  That would be great! - Yeah, this one didn't happen, but I did finish several of them and it was fun to have so many challenges to choose from!  (Plus, I found the Full House Challenge which was definitely my favorite challenge this year.)

2. I didn't get to read nearly as many books released in 2014 as I wanted to. (I think I only read two books.) This year I'd like to read 5 books released in 2015.  I know that doesn't sound like many but I spend a lot of time reading books I already own, or catching up on books that I forget great ones come out all the time. - CHECK! I've read 9 books published in 2015.  Way to go me!

3. I made a small dent in my unread books in 2014, but as one naturally does, I gained more books in 2014.  So I'm going to continue to continue hacking away at my unread books.  This year I'd like to read 12 of them, one for every month. - CHECKMATE! 29 books.  That's right people, my goal was 12 and I more than doubled it! 

4. I love reading books more than once, but usually I'm so busy reading books I haven't read that I don't get around to rereading books.  This year I'd like to reread 5 books. - I reread the entire Harry Potter Series as well as the Lunar Chronicles in preparation for Winter.  And I listened to several books I read as a child, so I'd say CHECK.

5.  Building off the last goal, I haven't read the Harry Potter series straight through in years.   I mostly pick one book a year and reread it, so there's a little bit of Harry all the time.  This year, however, I'd love to reread the entire series. - Hey Look I did that! CHECK.

6. I'm going to read more graphic novels/ comics in the year 2015.  I said this last year and then I read a total of 2 graphic novels, which, if you look at statics, means I met my goal because in 2013 I read zero graphic novels.  However, I'm going to set a number goals this year because I liked the graphic novels I read, and so I want to read more.  Let's say 5.  I'm going to read at least 5 graphic novels this year. - CHECK.  I've read 11 graphic novels.  Some were comic bind-ups and some were full story graphic novels.  I read the best graphic novel I've come across this year: it was Nimona!

7.  The library is a beautiful place and I need to use it more.  However, I also need to use it better.  By that I mean I need to stop returning books and movies late.  I don't need to tell you how much I've spent, but my card has been suspended at least once this year due to overdue fines.  I bet I have some fines on my card right now.  I just need to get way better at this. - Okay, so I currently have a fine on my card right now, but up until nowish, I've been really good at returning books on time! so SORT OF CHECK.

8. I'd like to become more active in the community this year.  Last year, I tried to do this, and while I think I was semi successful at this,  I'd like to do more.  One way I can think of doing this is commenting on blogs posts more.  I'm going to comment more and not just on TTT or HPMotW  posts.  I'm going to make an effort to find more blogs that I am genuinely interested in and make some friends. - I think I did this a little bit.  There are some people that I consistently comment on their blogs and talk to on other social media.  And I've made some friends this year! CHECK. :D

9.  I'm going to finish a writing my book this year.  Every year for the last four years, I've taken part in NaNoWriMo, so I have four first drafts sitting around collecting dust.  This year, I'm going to take one (or maybe start from scratch, who knows) and turn it into a draft that I want to show people.  2015 is the year that I finish my book. - YEAH NO.  This didn't happen BUT I did start the editing process which is a HUGE step for me, like moon step huge.  So maybe next year will be the year I show it to someone. 

10. I'm going to leave this one open because the goals this year could be endless... catching up on series, attending events (BEA, YallFest), go to author events, visit independent bookstores, make new friends, anything is possible with an open end. - I'm going to CHECK this one because I went to ComicCon and there's an entire publisher section in the vendor floor and I got to meet some really awesome authors which was amazing! (I was definitely starstruck.)  And I finished a series or two, which has been a problem for me so yeah.  SUCCESS!

7.5/10 goals and resolutions done this year!  That is more than I ever hoped for this year.  I'm going to give myself a pat on the back and pray that I'm as successful in 2016 as I was this year.  


  1. Oh wow you did really good with accomplishing your goals Alex! Congrats :D I wish I was this organized when it came to accomplishing goals, as well as setting them for that matter LOL! Since I'm not attending BEA this year, I should be good at FINALLY reading the books I own. I've been saying this for the past three years but this year, I'm really hoping to get back to rereading. I used to do so all the time but since I started blogging I just don't take the time! Happy 2016 xx

    1. I love rereading, but I do feel the pull of only reading books I haven't read. So I do the bulk of my rereading my listening to audiobooks. This allows me to read new stuff but still enjoy hearing some of my favorite stories again and again.