Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite TTT Topics

hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

1. Seasonal TBR list - I love making lists, but I really love making lists about books.  I enjoy seeing what other people want to read each season and how the tastes change depending on how

2. Most Anticipate Releases - This is possibly my favorite posts because this is the main way I find out which books are coming out.  I probably read 100 of these posts when we do them.

3. Quote Lists - I love quotes and what better way to get a list of everyone's favorite quotes!

4. TV/Movie adaptation - It's so interesting to see which books people think would make great adaptations.

5. Bookish Item - I love bookish stuff, but I can't find all of it.  I love looking at these lists and finding new awesome bookish things for me to own.

6. Fictional Crushes - There are just some characters I crush on hard and I love seeing which character have grabbed hold of the hearts of others.

7. Authors that deserve more recognition - I love giving shout outs to authors that people should be reading.  It's like one giant book recommendation.

8. Memorable Secondary Characters - Characters are my favorite thing about books, and while I usually enjoy the main characters my favorite characters are the secondary ones, the sidekicks if you will.

9. Best/Worst Series end - I enjoy reading series, but there is nothing more irritating than spending all that time reading to have the series end poorly.  These list were entertaining but also gave me a heads up about some series I had been contemplating.

10. Goals and Resolutions - This list is always great because it gets me thinking about what I want to accomplish in the year bookishly and otherwise.


  1. Yes, some lists I have done every year, like goals and books I hope to read. I love to read others thoughts on these. Top Ten is fabulous!

    Here's my Top Ten Top Tens!

  2. Quotes and book adaptions is always a great one!

    Check out my TTT and Unpopular Opinions Tag.