Thursday, June 18, 2015

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#43)

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Which Death Eater would you be?

Frankly, I wouldn't want to be a Death Eater, but if I had to choose I think the obvious choice is Bellatrix.  It would be so interesting living in the brain of someone that crazy and devoted.  I'm not sure I'd actually want to be her, but she would definitely be interesting.  Barty Crouch Jr. is another one of those extraordinarily crazy Death Eaters that I wonder where the fanatic nature comes from in these Death Eaters.

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  1. Mmmm David Tennant gif ♥ The same one is in my post this week ;D Bella is fascinating and I think I loved her more in the movies because Helena Bonham Carter makes her more awesome and less terrifying LOL And I definitely agree that Barty Crouch Jr is super intriguing too^^ Awesome picks Alex!!