Thursday, January 15, 2015

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#25)

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Scariest Moment:

Spiders happen to be one the worst things that grace the planet earth, so one of the things I find most terrifying to read about are spiders.  And there are several skin-crawling moments with spiders in this series.  While this might not be the scariest moment in the series, it's always one that I have to force myself to read again.

Ron didn't speak.  He didn't move.  His eyes were fixed on a point some ten feet above the forest floor, right behind Harry.  His face was livid with terror.
Harry didn't even have time to turn around.  There was a loud clicking noise and suddenly he felt something long and hairy seize him round the middle and lift him off the ground, so that he was hanging facedown.  Struggling, terrified, he heard Fang whimpering and howling - next moment, he was being swept away into the dark trees.

The moment when Harry and Ron get swept away and carried off to see Aragog in Chamber of Secrets for the first time is awful.  I mean, if this had happened to me at the very least I would have severely wet myself, probably faint or worse.  I feel the same way about spiders as Ron does and I could live a thousand years without ever having to deal with one.

The only thing that terrifies me more are snakes and there are plenty of Nagini scene that could have lived without.  The scene at the beginning of Goblet of Fire where Nagini kills Frank Price is awful as is the scene in Deathly Hallows where Nagini wears Bathilda Bagshot and then tries to kill Harry.  These scenes are a person who hates snakes worst nightmare.  I try not to think about them.


  1. Oh gosh, all the moments you mentioned here were suuuuper scary. Those spiders, like hello! I don't think I would have EVER gotten over the trauma if it had happened to me >.< And yeah when Nagini wears Bathilda, is horrifying in the films but even worse in the books. Gah! And poor Frank Price too, that was a super creepy scene too!

  2. Nagini wearing Bathilda is my pick for this week, because, just like you said, it is a total worst nightmare for me since I HATE snakes. So I totally empathize if you feel the same about spiders. It's a total horror moment.

    Here's my HP MOTW

  3. Oh, my! Do I understand where your coming from. I HATE both snakes and spiders. I just.... nope keep them away from me just. I know when reading I was holding the book so tight! Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

  4. Definitely! Spiders are horrible, and reading about them makes me feel like they are crawling all over me. Chamber of Secrets had tons of spiders and a huge snake! It was a horrifying mixture of awful creatures. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.