Thursday, October 23, 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week (#14)

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If there was one thing you could change about Harry Potter, what would it be?

This is a very difficult question and I'm not sure I can answer this question. I could say I wouldn't have nearly as any of the characters I love die, but if I'm honest the story's ending wouldn't be so impactful if those deaths hadn't happened.  They show the realism and consequences of war and I wouldn't change that at all.

I guess if I could change anything, I would like to have seen more about what happened at Hogwarts during the year the trio went looking for the horcruxes.  So it's not really like I'm changing anything, I just want to know more.  I think that Luna, Ginny and Neville had some interesting adventures while Harry, Ron and Hermione were off having their own adventure.  I would love to see them running around the school causing all sorts of chaos and inspiring defiance across the school.


  1. NICE answer! Knowing more about this series is definitely the best way to go. And you're right, there was SO MUCH stuff going on in that battle, knowing what the others were going through would have been really interesting (and heartbreaking I'm sure)

  2. Great answer! That's something I always wonder about as well. What was Hogwarts like under the Death Eaters? *shudders*

  3. This is such a great answer! Hogwarts must have been such a dark place what with people like the Carrows teaching, and yet it would've been fascinating to see how the "good" professors still managed to try and protect the students. I really would have loved to see Neville's metamorphosis into such a strong leader as well! It would've been so great to really get to see such deep character development from him firsthand, and to see everything that he went through!