Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Last year, I participated in five different challenges that pushed me to read more, which I thought was always a good thing. However, my reading habits crossed the dangerous line and it began to feel like a chore.  There were so many books I had to read that qualified for each challenge.  The pressure was so much that I stopped enjoying reading for a while and started to read slower. This affected my weekly book review, which hasn't really been weekly as of late. Because of all of this, I did not complete two of the challenges that I signed up for this year. And it bothers me.

So for those reasons, I'm making some changes for 2014.

First, I've decided to only do two challenges this year: one that I've done every year since the beginning of this bog and one that will further the conquest of that giant book list I took on as a sophomore in high school.

Also, the weekly book reviews will be no more, I will read at my own pace and enjoy my reading and review the books once I've finished them.  I love this blog but I also want to love my reading time.  I will still be posting regularly, only the content will be slightly different, depending on the week.

Thanks for bearing with me through these changes.  They'll help me and hopefully make this blog better too.
As always, happy reading!

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