Friday, September 13, 2013

Where She Went

by Gayle Forman
published: Speak, 2012 (originally Dutton Juvenile, 2011)
pages: 264

Three years after the terrible accident that changed Mia and Adam's lives forever, they have drifted apart.  Adam has gained major success with his band and Mia is showing incredible promise as a cello prodigy.  One night in New York they meet again and finally hatch out what's been holding each other back for years.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book is the fact that it's told from Adam's perspective.  I love that we get Mia in the first book and now we get Adam.  It's powerful the way the narrators are used to convey their story.  I think that this story would have worked in Mia's point of view, but it's much more power in Adam's and likewise is true in If I Stay.  We get to know the characters so well.  I just love it.

The NYC setting is fantastic, partially because I've lived there and know details about the city that help me enhance the setting and the story.  NYC fits the story perfectly; it showcases the progression of their character, how they've grown and dealt with tragedy.  I think it's often hard for a setting to speak into the story, but Gayle Forman does that very well with her choices.

I'm one of those people that wants to know everything, so I was kind of disappointed that there was three years in between the books.  It just might be me being greedy but I wanted to know what happened in those three years.  We get glimpses of their past, and some of what happened to Adam in those years.  However, I still want to know everything, but I appreciate what was revealed and how it was revealed to the reader.

Gayle Forman scored huge on these books.  She wrote a very satisfying sequel and I enjoyed reading every minute of it.

Stars: 4/5 


"Stunningly Memorable."
     --Romantic Times

"Achingly satisfying"
     --Family Circle

"A gorgeous portrayal of rejection and rekindled love.... A sensitive depiction of the kind of man we'd all love our daughters to meet."
     --USA Today

"Both characters spring to life, and their pain-filled backstory and current realities provide depth and will hold readers fast."
     --Kirkus Reviews

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