Friday, December 21, 2012


by Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell (Adaptor/Illustrator)
Published: HarperCollins, 2008
Pages: 186

This is an Eclectic Reader Challenge book!

When Coraline moves to a new house, she discovers another home strangely similar to the same as hers, only better.  Everything seems wonderful: the food is better and the toys are cooler.  But when Coraline's other mother tells her that she should stay, Coraline will have to fight to go back home to her real parents.

I have now read the book, watched the movie, and read the graphic novel.  Every edition of this story has sent chills down my spine.  Although I did think that the written version was much creepier than the graphic novel, it still creates an atmosphere fit for a spooky story like this.

The illustrations in this graphic novel are incredible.  I thought this adaptation was beautiful and striking.  P. Craig Russell  took the story of Coraline and drew it out in a haunting and creepy manner.  These illustrations gave the story a new life.  The rats throughout this story are very sinister and create a nice sense of foreboding.

All of Coraline's neighbors are unique and quirky, with special oddities.  The actresses breed dogs and crazy man upstairs trains a mouse circus.  The interesting character bring light to a dark story.  I am impressed by Neil Gaiman's ability to think up such interesting and dark ideas for this story.

I have read other Neil Gaiman works and I must say that he has a way with words and crazy characters.  His imagination is filled with an amazing ability to weave plots together to create an interesting story and a fantastic read.  I have enjoyed reading his work and will most definitely continue read anything written by him in the future.

Stars: 3/5


"A magnificently creepy story for stouthearted kids who love a brush with the sinister, Coraline is spot on."
               --Kirkus Reviews

"Gaiman's tale is inventive, scary, thrilling and finally affirmative.  Readers young and old will find something to startle them."
             --Washington Post Book World

"By turns creepy and funny, bittersweet and playful, can be read quickly and enjoyed deeply."
              --San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

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  1. I saw the movie first but immediately put it on my TBR list afterwards. I must get to reading this soon!