Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: True Confessions

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Here are my book confessions:

1.  A absolutely HATE dog ears.  I don't like most book defaces, like writing in books and using the dust jacket as a bookmark, but I can live with those.  However, if anyone tries to dog ear my books, there will be problems.  I cringe at the sight of it and cry a little inside whenever I see someone smash the corners down.

2. I never read the jacket summary of a book.  I think it gives away too much of the story, so I go in blind.  I like not knowing anything about a story I'm about to read.  It's always interesting what I pick up.

3. I buy books on impulse.  I cannot go past a bookstore without going in and at least thinking about needing to buy a book.  Also, if there is a book section in any store I will find it with my book sensors.

4.  I used to think that graphic novels were just for little kids.  I was completely wrong.  When I took a graphic novel class last year, my mind was blown!  I can't get enough of them now.  Also, I have a new respect for the entire genre of graphic novels.

5.  I've almost convinced myself that I've read more classics than I actually have.  Sometimes I believe that I've read the entire Jane Austen collection when in fact I haven't read many of her works, including Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion.

6. I am very picky about who I lend my books too.  It just can't bare to imagine someone treating my book in any other way than how I've decided it's right to treat books.  When I do lend books, I always preface it with a list of my rules, the main one being I will kill you if you dog ear my book.  I always supply a bookmark with my books and take of the dust jacket when I lend my books out.

7. I have a very hard time speaking to authors.  I get tongue-tied and end up just staring at them hoping they know what to do in this situation or just saying things like:  I love your books and you're an amazing author.  While these are really nice, conversations never come of it.  I think it's because I hold many authors to the level of fame that someone might hold Johnny Depp.  But it's true, to me, they are famous.  They are the people I'm most interested in.

8. I can't not finish a book.  Also, if the book is in the series I have to finish the series as well.  This explains why I haven't read the Game of Thrones yet.  It doesn't matter if I don't like the book, I have to know how it ends.  It bugs me otherwise.  I just have to know.

9. I do not like e-readers.  I don't have anything against those that do, but you will probably never see me using one.  I love the feel and the smell of real book too much to give it up.  Also, I like seeing the progress I've made in a book.

10.  I have four completely full bookshelves in my room and a rather large bookshelf in the basement.  My collection is getting a little out of hand but when I decided to get rid of some, I could only come up with a handful that I was willing to part with.

11. EXTRA:  Last semester I interned for a publishing house.  They had free book stacks.  I ended up taking way too many home with me. *cough100cough*  I've decided I can no longer work somewhere with free book stacks.

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  1. Lo - #11 would just about kill me. I would take home batches of books every day.

    Tanya Patrice