Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Romances in the Real World.

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This week it's about which romances I think would make it in the real world.  This is a very interesting topic and I've actually been thinking about this quite a bit recently.  I wonder quite often if some of the couples I read about and love would actually make it in the real world.  So here we go:

1. Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen)  There is just something about their relationship that I love.  Elizabeth is, in many ways, Darcy's equal.  They fit perfectly. 

2. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. (Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling)  I love them together and spent half the series waiting and wishing that they would end up together.  They were best friends and that lead to one of the strongest relationships I have read.  The progression of their relationship just gets to me sometimes.  From Ron making fun of Hermione in Sorcerer's Stone to Ron trying to impress her with a book on how to get girls in Deathly Hallows, it is so much fun to read again and again.  

3. Westley and Princess Buttercup (The Princess Bride by William Golding)  Westley is probably the most perfect character I've ever wanted to be real.  His willingness to do anything for Princess Buttercup and the fact that he was brought back from "almost dead" for the sake of true love, screams perfect pair!

4. Tristan and Yvaine (Stardust by Neil Gaiman)  Their relationship started out rocky for obvious reasons.  When Tristan realizes that his true love is in fact right in front of him, the real magic starts to happen.  They are compatible it's ridiculous. 

5.  Hazel Grace and Augustus (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green)  I don't care that there is this sense of nothing bad ever happens to people in perfect relationships.  These two have an amazing relationship, tide and true.

This is quite a sad state of a list.  Unfortunately, it seems that I read too many books with unrealistic relationships.  I can tell you a number of relationships that would not work at all in the real world.  For example, Bella and Edward.  I don't think it's necessary to explain why other than she was found curled up in a ball on the forest floor because he broke up with her.  
Also, I would love Peeta and Katniss under any other circumstance than the one they are forced into.  Peeta's love is so evident that at times it hurts.  I just wish Katniss would have actually made a choice. 


  1. We had one is common! yah Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley! I had a hard time filling the list as well. Here's mine: http://matthewledrew.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/top-ten-book-romances-i-think-would-make-it-in-the-real-world/

  2. yay! love this list! we have lots in common - also, LOVE tristan and yvaine! I've read the book and liked it but i absolutely ADORE the movie! One of my most favorite movies!

  3. I only made it to 8 so don't feel bad. I love Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. They are seriously the best couple ever!

    Here's my list!


  4. Love Stardust; I think you're right, they could have made it :-) and of course we had Hermione and Ron in common, and Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy.

  5. Great list! I really need to read The Princess Bride!