Thursday, July 13, 2017

Harry Potter Moment of the Week #102

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Which character would be your study partner?

The obvious answer to this is Hermione because between the two of us, we would have everything done with excellence.  However, I think I'm going to go off the cuff today. Depending on the subject, I would choose different people.  

For Defense Against the Dark Arts, I would absolutely choose Harry.  The way he commanded and taught everyone in the DA is so impressive.  I know that I'd be able to master the practical aspect of that class with Harry helping me. 
For Herbology, Neville is the only person I want studying with me. Aside from how much I love this guy, he actually becomes the herbology professor at Hogwarts once he graduates.  If that doesn't tell you he's exceptional at the subject, I don't know what will. 
For Transfiguration, Sirius, James and Remus would be my study partners of choice. Granted, I'd probably only get work done with Remus, but it would be incredibly entertaining to be around these hooligans.

For Muggle Studies, Arthur Weasley would be a great study partner.  He loves all things muggles, so he would absolutely love to research everything that has to do with this class. We'd know so much extra information as well.
For Charms, Ginny would be perfect.  She's got a reputation for being able to cast a good hex, but I know she's got a lot more in her than hexes.  She'd be perfect to help with casting charms; plus she's just an awesome person. She wouldn't let us get too bogged down in studying.
For Care of Magical Creatures, I would ask Luna and Hagrid. Hagrid can be zealous about all the creatures, which is great. Luna has an expertise on what many people consider the fantastical creatures, the ones that supposedly aren't real. It's good to have all your bases covered, and besides I really like Luna. 


  1. I love how you chose a different character for different subjects! Arthur would have such a blast teaching Muggle Studies and preparing for his lessons, LOL. I'd LOVE to be Sirius's study partner for Transfiguration, but yeah, I think he'd be more likely to get an A in goofing around than in the actual class. :D

  2. I love all of your answers! Harry would definitely be a great study partner for DADA and Neville would be so amazing with Herbology. They're both so passionate about those subjects that it would be fun studying it with them. Also, can you imagine a more patient and sympathetic study partner than Neville if your not understanding something?

  3. Oh I ADORE how you went with a different character for each subject ♥ I'd love to study for DADA with Harry!! And Neville would be (and is) brilliant at Herbology! Studying Transfiguration with The Marauders (minus Wormtail) would be a dream come true :D And Luna and Hagrid a perfect for Care of Magical Creatures!! Ginny is super gifted and powerful but you're right that her Charms work is especially notable LOL!

  4. I love that you went for a different character for each subject. Now that is some smart studying! I would be reluctant to study with Arthur Weasley if I knew anything about the Muggle world, but if I knew nothing, he would be a good choice, aside from a Muggleborn.