Thursday, November 10, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week #92

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Since I missed the last several weeks, so I'm going to answer one of those prompts this week!

Favorite Arthur Weasley moment.

He's such a precious human being, I love the fact that he loves people and is fascinated by muggles and their technology. One of my favorite moments has got to be when he meets Harry and excitedly asks him all sorts of questions.

But also in that scene he is equally impressed and excited that his sons got the flying car to work, even if Molly expects him to chastise them.  

He's such a great father figure for Harry. He takes him in as another one of his children, so warm and welcoming.  There was never a point in which you felt like Mr. Weasley was taking advantage of his youngest son's best friend and Harry's fame. 

I just really like Arthur Weasley!  :)


  1. Hahahah I mentioned both those moments when I did this prompt^^ I adore Arthur and I think he's precious ♥ His love of Muggles and just the fact that he's a wonderful father to his kids and father-figure to Harry! He's the best :D

  2. The Weasleys are so great! I love the moments you picked. The very first thing I think about Arthur is the rubber duck comment and I even say it the way he does in the movie in my head :D I also just adore the part where he calls Molly "Mollywobbles" and insists on following the rules there even when she is so embarrassed with Harry in the room LOL