Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fandom Mashup (#11)

Hosted by Micheline at Lunar Rainbows Reviews.

Micheline has come up with a great idea and I can't pass up the opportunity to participate.  Each week Micheline will pose a unique fiction scenario and I will choose 5 characters from 5 different fandoms to help me with the situation.  It's going to be quite fun, I can already tell!

Scenario: You've been imprisoned by an unfair and tyrannical leader for speaking your mind.  Who do you hope is in there with you?  For company AND to help you escape!

Harry Potter - He's like the poster child for defying tyrannical leaders.  He took down Voldemort which in and of itself was an incredible feat.  However, how he dealt with Professor Snape is the reason that he makes this list.  Snape may have been "good" in the end, but the treatment of his students were often times incredibly abusive toward the students.  He exploited his power as professor because of a childhood grudge.  Harry Potter, without really breaking any rules, put Snape in his place so many times.  He's got a knack for defying leaders that abuse their power.

Jaron (The Ascendance trilogy by Jennifer A. Neilson) - He is about the most defiant person I've ever read about.  He's a thief and a king and he knows how to sneak around and get out of really tight situations.  He'd be great to have for company, but also for plotting our escape and eventual coup of said tyrannical leader.

Peeta Mellark(The Hunger Games) - This was a tough call between Katniss and Peeta.  I would have chosen Katniss because she went up against not one but two possible tyrannical leaders and won, but Peeta has actually been captured by one.  He knows what could happen to prisoners.  That might make us more prepared in our attempts to escape.

Jonah (The Giver by Lois Lowry) - This one is a little more subtle.  There may not have been one leader to pinpoint as unfair or tyrannical, but Jonah was the first (and possibly the only) one to notice the sameness and question it.  For this reason alone, he'd be great company but more important his observation skill would be incredibly helpful during the planning and execution of our escape.

R2-D2 (Star Wars) - Okay so this robot might not have any direct connection to defying an unfair leader, but he is pretty nifty to have around.  R2-D2 is all about taking risks and tampering with things.  So if we're in a high tech prison we should be all set with alarms and locks!

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  1. I absolutely adore your reasoning for picking Harry Potter this week! ♥ It gave me feels just thinking about all of the subtle and not so subtle ways that Harry stood up to Snape's bullying ways. I actually debated between Katniss and Peeta too but it's so true that Peeta WAS actually taken by a tyrannical leader (poor guy!) so he'd have a lot of insider info! Jonah is another wonderful pick, because you're right: HE DID pick up on the wrongness in his world that everyone else missed! R2D2! Oh he'd be an asset to ANY scenario :D