Thursday, April 10, 2014

City of Glass

by Cassandra Clare
published: EcElderry Books
page: 541

The time has come for the Clave to oppose Valentine, but he has no intentions of submitting, putting both the Shadowhunters and the Downworlder on edge.  Clary, Jace and the gang travel to Alicante to warn the Clave of Valentine's immense power. But will the Clave be convinced and take the necessary precautions against him?

I was very happy to see the familiar characters in a new setting. It was a great way to stretch their character and explore the world we heard about for two books.  I really enjoyed the descriptions of this beautiful, sacred land for Shadowhunters. What a fun world Cassandra Clare has created. 

Being in Alicante lends itself to back-story. There is a rich history in Idris that reveals more about characters that grew up there like Luke and Clary's mother.   We also get to find out more about Valentine and his followers in the place that they formed and then were exiled.    It is awesome to finally get answers to the questions that came up in the first two books.

I knew this was supposed to be the end of the trilogy and it wrapped up the story very nicely (I'm not saying that everything is peaches and cream) so I'm interested to see how Cassandra Clare will continue this story.

Stars: 4/5


"Clare's concluding volume of The Mortal Instruments trilogy is complex and striking.  Not to be missed."
     --Kyrs Tourtois, Schuler books & Music

"Derivative though it may be, melodramatic emotional wollowing has never been so much fun."
     --Kirkus Review

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