Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make My Reading Life Easier

hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

1. I love the Library! It is a money saver and, sometimes, a life saver.  Whenever I hear about a book that I decide I have to read, that's where I go first.

2. Goodreads is a really convenient place to keep track of the books that I'm reading.  And it's a great way to let others know what I'm reading and for me to find out what others are reading.

3. & 4. The Book blog and Booktube communities are awesome! I love reading reviews and seeing what other people are up to.  It helps me make decisions on which books I read.  Also, I love the conversations that happen in the comments.

5. I love bookmarks! This may sound like a given, but there was a time when I didn't use bookmarks.  I would either try to remember the page number or finish the chapter.  Mostly, I'd finish the chapter, probably because I'm a little OCD.  Now, I use bookmarks all the time; there are so many cool and fun bookmarks that I have way too many, but that's okay.

6. Summer has always made it easier to read, partially because I was always less busy and could read what I wanted without interference of classes. Even though I'm out of school now, I still feel like summer is somehow less busy.  In my mind, the word summer is a trigger to more free time and more reading time.

7. I take books with me everywhere.  You never know when you are going to have a few minutes, or a couple hours to spare.

8. I never travel anywhere without an audiobook or two.  I love listened to them in the car, especially on longer car rides.  It takes me back to my early years when people used to read me books.  Also, multitasking!

9. Friends with books are the second best thing, in my opinion, to a library.  Sometimes, it can be even better.  They recommend you a book and then lend it to you, what could be better!

10. A nice cup of tea and a good book is all I need to enjoy my leisure time.


  1. Bookmarks for sure. Especially because I hate dog-earing the pages!

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  2. I have never listed to an audiobook. I am always afraid they will change the way I envision the characters. Are there only certain books that you will listen to?

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