Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2013

hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.

Every year I have book goals in mind by I don't generally write them down.  I think I shall do that this year.

1. I want to read 50 books again this year.  I am a slow reader so this is a challenge but I did it in 2012 and it was fantastic.

2. I want to complete the book challenges that I join this year.  I was on a roll last year and finished all three challenges.  I would like to continue my winning streak!

3. Last year I brought about 100 books home from my 4 months in New York.  It's time to start reading some of the book on my TBR pile.  I want to make a nice dent in those books.

4. I would like to visit the library more, because books are expensive and I'm broke.

5. It's another year for reading more classics.  I started that a little bit last year, but I want to read many more this year.

6. I'm going to read some of the children's stories that I feel like I should have read ages ago. (like Alice in Wonderland)

7. I need to work on my book habits, especially the ones that require me to finish a book no matter how terrible, and finishing a series once I've started, especially if it's from a book that I didn't enjoy.


  1. Those sound like some good bookish goals. I definitely want to tackle the pile of books I've bought but not read!

    Good luck :)

  2. "I would like to visit the library more, because books are expensive and I broke."

    Yep. :)

  3. Great goals! It's funny that I have to opposite goal of your number 7. I need to stop forcing myself through books I dont like. I dont want to be afraid to put something down. I do agree with you about a series though. If I'm 2+ books into a series, and I stopped loving it, I would like to continue until I'm done with the series. Maybe I feel like I owe it to the characters I've come to know so well, haha!

    Good luck with all of your goals!

    Manda C.

  4. Reading classics is a good one, I want to read a Dickens this year, it's about time I did!

    Top Ten Tuesday

  5. I feel like life is too short to continue to read books that your not enjoying LOL I love my library, couldn't live without it.

    My Bookish Goals.